Where Is Hendersonville, Tennessee?

March 20th, 2020

When you’re considering the purchase of a new home, there are plenty of details to keep you busy. You want a place that feels comfortable and inviting, but you’re also thinking about all the practicalities – like commutes to nearby cities where you work or enjoy visiting.

Hendersonville is a great city that appeals to those who are looking for a beautiful residential community to call home, but don’t want to give up the convenience of a great location that’s close to some of the most popular cities and towns in Tennessee. If you’re thinking about moving to Hendersonville, and looking at the gorgeous homes at Durham Farms (see our image gallery of homes in Hendersonville), here’s a little information to give you a better idea of where Hendersonville is nestled in the beautiful state of Tennessee.

What County Is Hendersonville, TN In?

Beautiful Hendersonville is located in Sumner County, which is nestled along the central, northern border of Tennessee. Sumner County is home to eight cities in Tennessee. Of course, this includes Hendersonville, and also Gallatin (the county seat), Goodlettsville, White House, Portland, Westmoreland, Millersville, and Mitchellville. The county lies just northeast of the capital city of Nashville.

According to the 2020 United States Census Bureau, the population of Sumner County hovers at a little over 187,000 residents, with Hendersonville being the most populous of the eight cities in the county. The Hendersonville area has also been attracting new home and real estate buyers into the area who are looking for a beautiful, quiet community to call home that isn’t too far removed from the busier, major cities in Tennessee.

There’s a bit of history associated with Sumner County. It was created in 1789, however was founded three years earlier when it was still considered part of North Carolina. Wondering about where Sumner County got its name? It’s credited to the American Revolutionary War Brigadier General, Jethro Sumner. The Johnny Cash family home is also in Hendersonville, and Johnny Cash fans can often be seen visiting the home for a photo.

How Far Is Hendersonville, TN from Nashville, TN?

Nashville is the capital city of Tennessee, and it’s also the booming epicenter of culture and commerce for the state. Whether you work or play in the Nashville area, chances are you’re going to want your new home to not be too far away from the city that holds some of Tennessee’s greatest attractions such as the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Hendersonville, TN is about a 20-minute commute to downtown Nashville. We say “about” because traffic, weather, and other road conditions can affect the drive time for this 18-mile commute.

For those who work in Nashville but crave the calm of a quieter life, communities in Hendersonville are an attractive option. A quick stop for coffee and fill up, and you can be out your door and into the office in a relatively short amount of time. Plus, between Hendersonville and Nashville, there are plenty of great spots to stop off for a quick bite to eat or enjoy a lingering meal with some friends after work. Hendersonville residents really get the best of both worlds!

How Far Is Hendersonville From Other Important Cities in Tennessee?

Nashville isn’t the only point of interest near Hendersonville, and if you’re considering moving to the area, it’s important to get a feel for how far your new hometown will be from other hotspots in the area. One town of such importance is Gallatin, TN.

Gallatin is the county seat of Sumner County, and while it’s a bit smaller than Hendersonville, it lacks nothing in charm and character. There are plenty of reasons to make the trip from Hendersonville to Gallatin, with some of those reasons being work or to contact county offices. However, there are also lots of other recreational activities, retail locations, and a vibrant culture in this nearby city.

Just how “nearby” is Gallatin, TN from Hendersonville? This hub of idyllic Tennessee life is about 13 miles from Hendersonville, which translates to a 15-20-minute drive on an average day, depending on traffic and other road conditions.

A little bit south of Nashville, is another city in Tennessee that attracts locals and tourists alike – Franklin. Franklin is rich in American history, being one of the primary sites for the American Civil War, and it is where you will now find historical attractions centered around the 1864 Battle of Franklin. It’s here that you’ll find the famous Carter House and Carnton Plantation, complete with a confederate cemetery. These top attractions are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Franklin’s historical charm.

Franklin is also the perfect city for a day trip. With an active community calendar that includes some of the area’s best festivals and a quaint Main Street that’s lined with shops and galleries worthy of devoting an entire afternoon too, there’s something that speaks to everyone in Franklin.

Fortunately, if you live in Hendersonville, a trip to Franklin is easily within the scope of something you can do in a day. Franklin is just under 40 miles south of Hendersonville, and as a road trip, typically takes less than an hour, depending on traffic. Hendersonville is the perfect hometown for people who love to get out and explore all the wonderful cities and towns in northern-mid Tennessee.

How Far Is Lexington, KY from Hendersonville, TN?

If you live in Tennessee, it’s hard to not find yourself completely immersed in equine culture. Horses are a big deal in this area of the country, and neighboring Kentucky is the place where much of the action happens – Kentucky Derby, anyone?

The horse capital of the world happens to be close enough to Hendersonville to say it’s practically right next door. We’re talking about Lexington, KY and if you live in Hendersonville, it isn’t that far of a trip to enjoy everything about this great city. A little further away than some of the hot spots in Tennessee, Lexington is still a trip you could easily make in a day, or maybe turn it into a weekend adventure. Lexington is just a little over 200 miles from Hendersonville, taking about 4 hours to reach by car.

Come Home to Durham Farms

Durham Farms is a community you’re going to love coming home to. Located in Hendersonville, Durham Farms is a scenic, charming town that’s a mere 20 miles from the downtown Nashville area where you can find world class country music and dining. Some say it’s the best of both worlds, and we agree. Whether you’re looking for a townhome, villa, or a gorgeous house on a spacious homesite, we’re ready to introduce you to your new home in Hendersonville. We invite you to learn more about Hendersonville, and the community at Durham Farms. Reach out and connect with us today.